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Customer Support

Nationwide Support With Local Customer Service

Eurofins TestAmerica offers more services from more locations than any other environmental testing firm in the United States. We have developed an unprecedented combination of resources, technical expertise and testing capabilities to support large and small clients in both the public and private sector.  We are committed to providing exceptional client service, the highest quality legally defensible data and the most comprehensive range of capabilities in the environmental testing industry.  We help clients manage their total cost of ownership by providing the quality they demand and the consistency that they seek, all through one integrated national network.

Assisting With Your Project Considerations

A project is a continuum beginning long before samples arrive at the laboratory. It involves teaming knowledgeable people with specialized skills and experience all focusing on the success of your project. Eurofins TestAmerica's integrated project approach is built upon establishing and maintaining open lines of communication during all phases of the project to ensure that they fully meet your requirements. 

Pre-Project Support

Successful project management requires effective communication of the project objectives, applicable environmental regulations, schedules, analytical requirements, data quality objectives, and other project specific details.  The types of activities that will be coordinated with the project manager (PM) prior to initiation of the project include:

  • Technical assessment of the analytical requirements
  • Determination of appropriate methods, detection levels, and quality assurance requirements
  • Confirmation of required governmental certifications and authorizations
  • Assignment of Eurofins TestAmerica laboratories and commitment of capacity
  • Coordination with subcontract laboratories
  • Definition of data deliverables.
  • Development of a Quality Assurance Project Plan

Project delays are often due to technical errors in the proposed project analytical statement of work. Time spent in communicating specific requirements prior to execution of the project minimizes the potential of project delays.

Project Planning

Communicating project requirements saves time, money and prevents technical deficiencies.  The initial investment of time to coordinate with the Eurofins TestAmerica PM during the pre-project planning stage minimizes the potential of errors in the project's analytical program.  To be legally defensible, the analytical data must be generated from technically correct methods that meet specified quality control requirements.  Eurofins TestAmerica's PM provides assistance on each of the following variables to ensure that the laboratory data generated meet the project’s objectives:

Method Requirements

  • Target analyte selection
  • Environmental media (matrix)
  • Reporting limits
  • Quality control requirements


  • Turnaround time (TAT)
  • Electronic data deliverable
  • Report type
  • Data presentation


  • Project start date and duration
  • Preservatives
  • Number of samples
  • Containers/bottle kits
  • Courier services

Identifying and defining the variables in the sampling and analysis plans (SAP) and quality assurance project plans (QAPP) is the best way of ensuring that project objectives will be achievable in the field and the laboratory.  The PM assists you in determining appropriate governmental certifications and developing schedules to ensure that laboratory capacity will be available when the project begins.  

Post-Report Consultation

The PM is available to provide appropriate consultation regarding laboratory data.  Topics typically discussed include: 

  • Interferences/nonconformances
  • Information regarding chemical constituents that were detected in the sample
  • Laboratory quality control results for the samples that were analyzed
  • Departures from standard operating procedures and justifications for them.
  • Data validation inquiries