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International Support

Eurofins TestAmerica Offers Environmental Testing to International Clients

For more information about Eurofins TestAmerica's international support offering, click here to download our brochure.

Eurofins TestAmerica partners with clients to provide international analytical testing support on six continents.  Our international experience includes work on site assessments, property transfers, groundwater monitoring programs, industrial hygiene and drinking water programs for many industries and governmental agencies.  Eurofins TestAmerica has provided laboratory support in more than 50 countries worldwide including:

American Samoa Congo Kenya Saint Vincent Grenadines
Argentina Egypt South Korea Singapore
Aruba El Salvador Kuwait South Africa
Australia Ecuador Lebanon Suriname
Bahamas Finland Malaysia Thailand
Barbados French Guyana Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
Belgium Grenada Netherlands Turks and Caicos
Belize Guam Nicaragua United Arab Emirates
Bermuda Guatemala Norway United Kingdom
Brazil Guyana Panama Uruguay
Canada Haiti Peru Venezuela
Cayman Islands India Philippines Virgin Islands, US
Chili Israel Qatar Virgin Islands, UK
China Jamaica Saudi Arabia West indies
Colombia Japan Slovenia  American Somoa 
Iraq Switzerland Nigeria Italy

Eurofins TestAmerica offers a full suite of environmental testing services to our international clients on a range of samples including waste and surface waters, soils, drinking waters and wastes.  Our industry leading analytical portfolio includes routine analyses such as volatiles, metals and PCBs.  In addition, Eurofins TestAmerica also offers many specialty services including ambient air testing, PFASs, explosives, dioxins/furans, PCB congeners and industrial hygiene testing.  Eurofins TestAmerica’s network includes laboratories with ISO 17025 certification through A2LA or LAB, which can be required for international support.  Each lab within our network holds a USDA Foreign Soil Permit, and multiple labs have US Fish & Wildlife Import Licenses.

Effectively managing international shipments of field supplies and samples, to and  from foreign countries and often extremely remote locations, can be a critical factor to the success of an international sampling event. Eurofins TestAmerica provides our clients with all the paperwork necessary to quickly and safely ship samples back to the United States. Our established relationships with multiple international shipping vendors allows us to efficiently facilitate the timely shipment of samples to our laboratory locations. 

Eurofins TestAmerica has a dedicated resource, Mr. John Meade, Senior Account Executive -  International,  who is available to work with our international clients on logistics challenges.  Our approach to international sampling events includes extensive communication to understand the goals of the sampling event, as well as any regulatory requirements.  Once the goals and requirements are established, a logistical plan is devised to ensure we meet your site deadlines.

We also offer Spanish language analytical reports that meet the requirements of regulatory entities throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

John Meade can be contacted by e-mail at john.meade@testamericainc.com or by phone +011 +1 (850) 324 - 8251