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Data Solutions

Data Solutions That Save Time and Money

Eurofins TestAmerica's deliverable options include fully searchable PDF reports, access to data via TotalAccess® and a library of more than 1000 electronic data formats.  Eurofins TestAmerica’s laboratory information management system (LIMS) links our network of laboratories and service centers and creates one single report and electronic deliverable, regardless of analysis location, saving time and reducing costs. Eurofins TestAmerica's deliverables offer clients the following features:

♦ Fully searchable PDF report

...that is color coded and tabbed for easy navigation, allowing for reduced review time and validation costs. 

♦ Electronic data deliverables (EDDs)  and reports are created directly from the same data tables

...mitigating the risk associated with manual transcription errors, while ensuring data integrity and continuity.

♦ Chromatograms and raw instrument data are fully integrated into the PDF reports

...and can be magnified on screen with no loss of resolution.

♦ Embedded quick links in reports

...allow one-click access to Eurofins TestAmerica's Ask the Expert site, TotalAccess® and the Eurofins TestAmerica website.

♦ Convenience to choose

...the deliverable format that meets the needs of your individual sampling events.  Further flexibility to specify content order, program qualifiers, flagging suites and reporting units are available.  Once these options are specified for a specific project, the report structure is memorialized in the LIMS to ensure reporting continuity.  

Client Testimonials

"The searchable PDF is a magnificent time saver and very convenient!"

"Our data management costs are lower when we use Eurofins TestAmerica.  We can cut our data management and validation costs in proposals if we know we can use TestAmerica."

"When we get a report like the one (from Eurofins TestAmerica), all of the specific comments (in the narrative) are greatly appreciated!"

"We have the utmost confidence that we are getting what we asked for, and that a thorough review has been completed, which cuts down on the need for extensive data review."

"We really like Eurofins TestAmerica's reports.  The best in the industry!"

"Eurofins TestAmerica's TALS/Chrom systems, and the lab’s use of those systems, was the best of any lab we have ever seen."

“Your reports are the easiest to read and have all of the data in a neat format.”

“Over the last 2 weeks I validated a whole lot of data for a project.…I just have to tell you: thank you for your reports!!  I almost cried with joy when I got to your reports.“

“The Lab Chronicle and standards traceability information is very helpful.  Having that data saves considerable time when reproducing calculations as part of the validation process.”