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Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) | Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories

Electronic Data Deliverables

The Flexibility to Sort, Analyze and Upload Results

Eurofins TestAmerica offers data in many formats, including electronic tables, or electronic data deliverables (EDDs).  EDDs offer the same data that is reported in a traditional pdf report, combined with the convenience and flexibility to sort, analyze and upload results into a database.  In addition to the time saving benefits that EDDs offer, the potential for costly transcription errors in drastically reduced when utilizing these deliverables to upload data into a database or tracking tool. 

Eurofins TestAmerica provides EDDs to numerous government and commercial clients.  We have developed several standard EDD formats to match the needs of local clients, government agencies and third party validation service providers.  In addition to our standard formats, Eurofins TestAmerica also creates EDD formats that are customized to meet our clients' individual requirements, some of which are very complex. Eurofins TestAmerica employs a technical staff that is dedicated to EDD development and client consultation, ensuring that electronic data provided to our clients are accurate and formatted to meet your exacting requirements.

EDDs are available in various ASCII, Access, DBF and Excel spreadsheet file formats, and are typically sent via e-mail, or through our online data portal, TotalAccess®.  Offering 24/7 online access to data, regulatory limits, deliverables and data trending, TotalAccess is a complimentary, value-added service that allows you to manage all aspects of your laboratory experience from your web browser.  To learn more about TotalAccess®, please click here