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TotalAccess® Data Portal| Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories


Eurofins TestAmerica Offers 24/7 Web Based Access To Your Data

TotalAccess® is Eurofins TestAmerica’s online data delivery solution, available to all clients at no added cost.  Allowing clients to track all aspects of their environmental data program, TotalAccess® provides an additional means for clients to interact with their laboratory. 

Accessible from any web browser, TotalAccess® provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • Rapid access to data for real time decision making
  • Customizable EDD creation
  • Data trending capabilities by sample and analyte
  • Budgeting tool for analytical projects
  • Project status updates for results, electronic deliverables and other documents generated for your project
  • Downloadable project documentation; invoices, reports, EDDs, and COCs
  • Customizable displays capturing data in a single grid and single click downloads to Excel
  • Multi-project report generation capabilities allowing for the consolidation of multiple sample events into one EDD report
  • Preloaded regulatory limits enabling the comparison of client results to existing regulatory standards
  • Ability to create personalized limits capable of comparison to client results


To log on to TotalAccess, or to sign up for an account, please visit our secure site: https://secure.testamericainc.com/TotalAccess/