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PFAS: Forensic Tools, TOF, TOP Assay and non-Target Analysis, Part 5

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Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

About This Webinar:

Current analytical methodologies measure a discrete list of approximately 40 PFAS compounds. Many additional PFAS are not determined as discrete compounds by existing commercial methods, therefore we may be underestimating the PFAS mass present in the environment. As the investigation of sites contaminated with PFAS matures, there is a growing interest in determining the contributions of different sources, to the overall contamination. Treatment technologies are also maturing in application and complexity of remedy options. The complexity and magnitude of the treatment can significantly impact costs for said treatment. Therefore, the development of analytical techniques that can more thoroughly delineate the mass of PFAS present and sources of the mass can be useful tools in environmental investigations.

Eurofins has implemented several tools that provide pieces to the puzzle that is environmental investigation. The use of the Total Oxidizable Precursor (TOP) Assay gives a measure of the unidentified mass of PFAS by demonstrating that mass with the potential to oxidize to PFAAs. The determination of total organic fluorine (TOF) approaches quantitation of the unknown mass from the angle of the fluorine content of a sample. When we add the results of accurate mass qTOF (quadrapole Time of Flight mass spectrometry), applied to targets and unknowns, we capture additional detail that may compliment at forensic application.

March 30, 2021