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Department of Defense

TestAmerica's Expertise With the Department of Defense

In October, 2009 the Department of Defense (DoD) established the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) as the basis for laboratories to demonstrate conformance to various standards as described in the DoD Quality Systems Manual for Environmental Laboratories (DoD QSM).  To participate in the program, laboratories must seek accreditation and certification with DoD ELAP.  TestAmerica Savannah was the first laboratory in the nation to be audited and subsequently accredited under the DoD ELAP program.  Currently, TestAmerica has 8 labs in its network with DoD ELAP accreditation:

TestAmerica DoD Labs: Burlington, Denver Knoxville, Richland, Sacramento, Savannah, Seattle, St. Louis 

As the nation’s premier laboratory network supporting DoD laboratory work, TestAmerica has developed a program to meet the needs of nearly every laboratory customer.  With strategically located laboratories across the nation, TestAmerica’s network provides analytical support for all routine DoD laboratory methods and many specialty analytical offerings including ambient air, low-level organics, radiochemistry, dioxins, chemical warfare degradates, PFASs and PCB Congeners.  TestAmerica's Corporate Quality Assurance group continues to conduct in-house DoD compliance assessments in addition to those performed by our DoD Accreditation Body (AB) to ensure the highest level of quality and service available in the industry.

In 2012 TestAmerica actively supported the joint Department of Defense/Department of Energy (DoD/DOE) initiative to develop a single quality document to replace the current QSM Version 4.2.  TestAmerica was directly involved in reviewing and suggesting improvements to all seven modules of the draft document which ultimately became DoD QSM Version 5.0.  TestAmerica currently supports both DoD QSM versions 5.0 and 4.2, with intentions to also offer version 5.1 upon release.

How is TestAmerica Helping DoD Customers?

TestAmerica has provided analytical support to multiple environmental engineering firms managing projects in the midwest located at a DoD Army Ammunition Arsenal for the past 12 years.  Work was performed following the Army Shell document and subsequently graduating to Corp District specific guidelines.  TestAmerica worked closely with USACE to support the development of this unique program, including providing R&D work to develop soil grinding techniques used in multi-incremental sample processing.  Analytical support to date has involved full TCL/TAL Organic and Inorganic parameters, various general chemistry analyses and TCLP analyses as well as explosive and energetic compounds.  Report deliverables include Level IV data package and client specific electronic data files.

TestAmerica also provides full-service laboratory support to a DoD installation conducting analyses for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), PAHs, PCBs, pesticides, hydrazine, NDMA, and a variety of metals and inorganic parameters in soil and water samples employing SW-846 methods and following AFCEE 3.1 protocol.  Data deliverables include long-form raw data and a customized electronic deliverable.  Under this project, TestAmerica has provided research and development support for the analysis of hydrazine to ensure compliance with state requirements.