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Full Service Environmental Testing Support From Eurofins TestAmerica

Eurofins TestAmerica supports a wide range of companies in the Manufacturing sector with comprehensive laboratory services to support all aspects of environmental and personnel monitoring.  We have more than 20 years of experience supporting companies that produce electronics, automobiles and automobile parts, heavy equipment, machinery, glass, steel, aluminum and other metals, ordnance, wood and paper products, cement, gypsum, consumer goods, food and beverages, fragrances, lighting and appliances, manufactured housing, and others.

Eurofins TestAmerica holds certifications in all states offering certification programs as well as with numerous Federal and private entities. We offer a single source solution to clients across the nation. Eurofins TestAmerica is committed to providing exceptional client service, high quality data and an unmatched service offering to support your environmental needs with offerings specifically tailored towards Brownfields, discharge and groundwater monitoring, decommissioning, industrial hygiene, ambient air and source emissions monitoring.