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Dredged Material Management

Eurofins TestAmerica's Comprehensive Dredged Material Management Support

Several hundred million cubic yards of sediment are dredged from U.S. ports and waterways annually to maintain navigational channels and facilitate commerce, national security and recreation.

The regulations for dredged material disposal in U.S. waterways and oceans are complex, and are managed jointly by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and EPA.  The USACE and EPA, in conjunction with a number of states, have developed guidance documents to support the decision making associated dredged material management.  To support this decision making process, TestAmerica supports chemical and physical environmental testing to aid in the evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of dredged material discharges.  

Potential dredging sites vary in their size and complexity. Dredged material evaluations often involve more than one environmental matrix, which can included sediment, surface water, elutriates, leachates, and tissues.  Eurofins TestAmerica has extensive experience providing chemical and physical testing services in support of dredged material evaluations projects nationwide. These projects have been executed with oversight from various EPA Regions, USACE Districts, and state agencies. Guided by industry leading expertise and unmatched laboratory capacity, TestAmerica’s goal is to generate chemical and physical testing data to meet project specific objectives, thereby facilitating appropriate dredged material evaluation decisions.

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

Eurofins TestAmerica’s 20 years of dredged material experience has consistently demonstrated that the critical factor for project success involves a dedication to pre-project planning, including Quality Assurance Project Plan review, with a detailed review and evaluation of targeted reporting limits for each project. Eurofins TestAmerica has the experience, resources and desire to continue to support each project team’s goal, achieving mutual success in the execution of dredged material evaluation testing projects.

Chemical Testing

Eurofins TestAmerica follows EPA methods and USACE procedures to evaluate dredged material samples for various contaminants of concern. Our chemical testing program supports matrices such as sediments, site water, elutriates, leachates and tissues.

Physical Testing

Physical, or geotechnical testing, is performed as a fundamental part of the dredged material evaluation process to support the characterization of sediment samples. Eurofins TestAmerica offers comprehensive geotechnical services supporting sediment and dredged material evaluations utilizing ASTM Standards.

Elutriate & Leachate Generation and Column Settling Tests

Eurofins TestAmerica supports all industry recommended elutriate and leachate generation procedures, as well as column settling tests required under the Ocean Testing Manual, Inland Testing Manual, Upland Testing Manual and various state guidance documents.

Eurofins TestAmerica supports the following EPA and USACE Documents, as well as various State and other regional specific guidance for dredged material projects nationwide:

National EPA/USACE Dredged Material Guidance Document

EPA/USACE- Inland Testing Manual - EPA 823-B-98-004 February 1998 [Gold Book]

EPA/USACE- Ocean Testing Manual - EPA 503/8-91/001 February 1991 [Green Book]

EPA/USACE- QA/QC Guidance for the Sampling and Analysis of Sediments, Waters and Tissues for Dredged Material Evaluations – EPA 823-B-95-00 April 1995

National USACE Resource Document Providing Technical Guidance

USACE Upland Testing Manual - Technical Report ERDC/El TR-03-1 2003

EPA/USACE/ Regional Implementation Manuals [RIMs]

EPA Region 2/USACE New York District- FINAL Guidance for Performing Tests on Dredged Material Proposed for Ocean Disposal – April 2016

EPA Region 3/USACE Baltimore and Norfolk Districts- Mid-Atlantic Regional Implementation Manual [MARIM] Dredged Material Evaluation for Norfolk and Dam Neck Ocean Disposal Sites 

EPA Region 4/ USACE South Atlantic Division- Requirements and Procedures for the Evaluation of the Ocean Disposal of Dredged Material in Southeastern U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Waters - August 2008

EPA Region 2,3,5& Great Lakes Program Office/ USACE Great Lakes & Ohio Division- Great Lakes Dredged Material and Testing Manual Main Text, App C, D, E and F - Sept 1998

EPA Region 6/USACE Galveston &  New Orleans Districts- Ocean Dredged Material  Disposal Program Regional Implementation Agreement for Testing and Reporting for Ocean Disposal of Dredged Material off Louisiana and Texas Coasts - Jul 2003

USACE Galveston District - Sampling and Analysis Plan - Private Dredging July 2015

EPA Region 10/ USACE Seattle– DMMP User Manual 12/2018 – Dredge Material Evaluation and Disposal Procedures.

State and Regional Programs

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protecrtion - The Management and Regulation of Dredging Activities and Dredged Material in New Jersey's Tidal Waters  -10/1997

Washington State Department of Ecology - SMS – Sediment Cleanup User’s Manual (SCUM II) - 12/2017

Northwest Regional Sediment Evaluation Team (RSET) - Sediment Evaluation Framework for the Pacific Northwest (SEF)  - 7/2016