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FGD Wastewater Testing

FGD Wastewater Composition

FGD wastewater can vary significantly from plant to plant depending on the type and capacity of the boiler and scrubber, the type of FGD process used, and the composition of the coal, limestone, and make-up water. As a result, FGD wastewater represents the most challenging of samples for ICP-MS; it is very high in elements known to cause matrix interferences and is also highly variable. To address this difficult analytical challenge, in 2009 the EPA commissioned the development of a new ICP-MS method specifically for FGD wastewaters. In partnership with EPA, Eurofins TestAmerica pioneered the development of the standard operating procedure for Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry for Trace Elements Analysis in Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewaters.

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Support of FGD Wastewater Testing

To prevent interferences from total dissolved solids and compounds such as boron, calcium, chloride, magnesium, manganese, nitrate, potassium, sodium and sulfate, Eurofins TestAmerica recommends utilizing ICP-MS instruments operating in collusion cell mode. This technology utilizes a high matrix dilution system and a discrete sampling system to handle the complex FGD matrix.  When FGD samples are analyzed without this technology in place to mitigate interferences, decisions regarding FGD wastewaters could be made with inaccurate data.

Eurofins TestAmerica has implemented several quality control parameters to ensure that your FGD wastewater sample results are both accurate and reproducible.  Eurofins TestAmerica utilizes a synthetic FGD wastewater as the matrix for our Method Detection Limit studies, ensuring our MDLs and RLs are as realistic as possible.   Further, our method requires the use of an FGD interference check solution and a synthetic FGD wastewater sample to mitigate matrix interferences within our QC program.

Eurofins TestAmerica has also developed two metals speciation methods specifically for FGD wastewater samples. To learn more, please click on the links below:

Selenium Speciation for FGD Wastewaters

Arsenic Speciation for FGD Wastewaters

How Can Eurofins TestAmerica Help You?

Eurofins TestAmerica has designated our Denver laboratory as the center of excellence for FGD wastewater testing.  Currently supporting 15 heavy metals, Eurofins TestAmerica Denver has developed the experience and knowledge to handle FGD wastewater samples.  Our dedicated staff of Project Managers and technical experts are available during all stages of planning and sampling to ensure that we develop an analytical plan that satisfies your data quality objectives.