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Low Volume Initiative (LVI) for Semivolatiles

Eurofins TestAmerica Offers Reduced Sample Volume Requirements for Many Routine Semivolatile Organics Methods!

Eurofins TestAmerica understands the challenges our clients face in obtaining routine water samples. Our Lower Volume Initiative (LVI) has reduced the volume of sample that is required for water samples for many of our routine Organics Methods. LVI streamlines field sampling and allows the laboratory to use less solvent for extraction, therefore minimizing the amount of waste produced.  Please contact your Eurofins TestAmerica project manager today to discuss our LVI support.

Many of our laboratories have validated methods for Semivolatiles, Pesticides, PCB Aroclors and Petroleum Hydrocarbons using 250 ml of sample volume instead of the traditional 1000 ml (1 liter) of sample. The analytical procedure associated with the methods remains the same, with only the beginning extraction volume changing.  TestAmerica's laboratories are certified and accredited for LVI, where required.  The advantages of this change for our customers include:

  • Efficiency: Water samples can be collected faster, especially from low production groundwater wells;
  • Maximized Shipping Capacity: More samples fit into a shipping container;
  • Reduced Shipping Costs: Sample weight is lower due to reduced volume; and

Eurofins TestAmerica was the first laboratory in the nation to receive U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) accreditation for a lower volume method, and has led the industry in adopting the environmentally friendly extraction method throughout our network.  To provide consistency across sampling events, we have ensured that our compound lists and reporting limits are the same as those used with the 1000 ml sample size.  The new bottle sizes are certified pre-cleaned for the compounds of interest, minimizing the risk of false positives from glassware contamination.