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Services We Offer by Sample Matrix

Services We Offer by Sample Matrix


Eurofins TestAmerica is one of the nation's largest providers of analytical support services dedicated to ambient air, vapor intrusion, perimeter monitoring, and source emissions testing.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene (IH) monitoring services assist clients in recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace that may cause workers' injury or illness.


A full suite of routine and specialty testing services are available for drinking water, surface water, ground water and discharge permits for storm water, NPDES programs and TMDL programs.


From site investigations to large scale soil remediation programs, Eurofins TestAmerica provides a full suite of testing methods applicable to soil testing programs.

Sediment and Tissue

A wide range of clean-up techniques and analytical methods are provided for sediments and tissues. Specialized testing support includes elutriate generation, pore water testing, bioavailability testing and passive samplers. 

Waste and Debris

Bulk debris and waste samples can be challenging to collect and analyze.  Eurofins TestAmerica has extensive experience with appropriate and effective sub-sampling techniques for a wide range of challenging matrices.