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Sediment and Tissue

Eurofins TestAmerica’s Sediment and Tissue Program

Eurofins TestAmerica has extensive experience providing chemical and physical testing services in support of sediment and tissue projects nationwide. These projects have been executed within various US EPA Regions, USACE Districts, as well as under various state and local governmental agencies. Guided by industry leading expertise and unmatched laboratory capacity, Eurofins TestAmerica’s goal is to generate analytical data to meet project specific data quality objectives, thereby facilitating appropriate sediment management decisions.

The composition of sediments and tissues tend to be more complex than typical soil, hazardous waste or discharge water. This exacerbates the difficulty in meeting the lower detection/reporting limits required for sediments work. To increase the sensitivity in more difficult matrices, specialized sample handling, method modifications and special analytical techniques are required. Critical to the project’s success is the laboratory’s participation in the systematic planning process. This includes data usability requirements to provide assurance that collected data will be appropriate for their intended use.

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